Passionate about coding since my early teens, while constantly working on improving my technology skills, I have also developed a passion for design and art which took me to the Scuola Politecnica of Design in Milan, Italy.

The design studies played a crucial role in my later professional developments both for the learning experience and the valuable connections I made with like-minded professionals, setting the foundation of what would become my career as a visual designer.

Since 2003, while establishing myself as a web developer and graphic designer my interest for design continued to grow, which brought me to embrace new creative ventures in photography, video making, art, and illustration, to name a few.

The key to my professional growth as a multi-disciplinary creative is the empathy I put in understanding the clients’ personality and their ultimate goal and finally create a personalized product that is both technically efficient and functional but also delightful to the eyes.
The final user experience is ultimately what matters the most.